How to Stop A Veeam Backup Job When It Is Stuck at Stopping Status #Veeam #Backup # MVPHOUR #WINDOWSSERVER

Today, I tried to stop a running backup job session, but its status stuck at stopping for 1 hour, there are some jobs are running, I don’t want to impact them, so I decided to force stop the backup job.

Let’s follow the steps to do it.

  1. On the Veeam Backup and replication console, select Jobs and click Backup.
  2. Right click the backup job and select Edit.

  3. On the Edit Backup Job page, select Summary and write down the command line content.

  4. On the Veeam Backup and Replication server, open Task Manager.

  5. On the Task Manager, select Processes. And you will find the process as the command line content.

  6. Select click the process and click End task.

  7. Open Veeam backup and Replication console, select Running, and you will notice the backup job is not showing at Running page.

  8. Select Job and then click Backup and you will notice the backup job status changed from stopping to Stopped.

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