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Troubleshooting Tips – Fixed failed to publish blog after enable SSL certificate at Blog site issues #Azure #MVPHOUR #Blog #Word

Today, I try to publish blog via Microsoft word as usual, but it failed and show a warning message “Word cannot publish the pictures in this post. The most likely cause of this problem is that you do not have enough storage space. Contact your provider and try again, or choose a different picture provider”, this so weird and I am sure I didn’t change any settings at my blog site except enable SSL. I figure out the issues after do some research and test.

How to enable SSL certificate at website of Azure #Azure #SSL #BLOG #WEBSITE #Mpvhour

There are some reasons why your website should invariably have a SSL certificate, e.g. SSL certificates help to ensure your website security, website visitors will see it as a trustworthy Brand, also it will enhance the search engine ranking for your website. Today, I am going to show you how to enable SSL certificate at the website of Azure, let follow the step by step to complete it and make your website better at azure.