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How to Fix Storage Space Direct Virtual Disk Detached after Server Reboot #Storage Space Redirect #S2D #Microsoft #Hyper-V #PowerShell

Today, my customer is call me and said their VMs are disappear at Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V host after reboot, I noticed the virtual disk detached, the VMs are up and running after I re-attach the virtual disk, but the issue was not be fixed because when I try to reboot the Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V host and the virtual disk detached again.

Fixed SSD Journal Disks Lost Communication Issues at Storage Space Direct Server #Lost Communication #S2D #Journal Disk #SSD #mvphour

was doing daily checking for servers as usual. There are two SSD drives happen lost communication at Storage Space Direct Server, this is not good, because those two SSD drives are the cache of Storage Space Direct.

Troubleshooting Tips – How to delete Read-Only Storage Pool

Today, one of my clients told me their storage pool ran out of space, he removed 4 x 1TB old drives to install the new 4 x 3.8 TB drives, and then asked me to reconfigure storage pool for him, it looks very easy to change it.
Unfortunately, I tried to remove virtual disks via server management UI, it pops up an error message “Error deleting virtual disk: The storage pool could not complete the operation because its configuration is read-only. Activity ID: {89fe92dc-c713-0017-f082-fe8913c7d501}.